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Namaste and welcome to the Online "Personal Learning” Yoga and Ayurveda Counselor (YAS) program. The online program option allows the student the opportunity to study in a personalized manner according to their schedule, at home or any where on the planet, from their own computer.


Many reasons to take the program:

~ Mas Vidal is one of the original teachers of Yoga & Ayurveda and recognized internationally for his work.

~ Mas and the program were influenced b y the lineage of Yogananda and the Kriya Yoga teachings.

~ Mystical principles combined with physical yoga is a perfect balance.

~ Acquire a unique certification that can bring a distinct speciality to your work, yoga teaching or health and wellness career.
~ Yoga & Ayurveda are meant to be practiced together because yoga practice cannot be separate of lifestyle.

~ Develop the foundation to become a real teacher of Yoga and Ayurveda based on an ancient living tradition.

~ A balanced and healthy lifestyle is the foundation of all great teachers.

~ The program helps you discover your strengths and talents and how to use them to find your life dharma (purpose).

~ You will learn that there is no one perfect way to practice yoga and that there are many paths to healing the mind-body.
~ You can help others by teaching yoga and by giving counseling suggestions on Ayurvedic diet, herbs, lifestyle routines.

~ Apply the wisdom of Tri-dosha (air, fire & water) into yoga postures, breath-work and meditation.


All the course materials are provided online:

~ Beautiful videos of the complete program classes.

~ Online testing.

~ Evaluations and teleconferences.

~ Fascinating charts and illustrations, practical exercises for spiritual development and a multitude of ayurvedic practices and remedies for personal self healing.

A complete welcome kit is mailed to you once you have enrolled: 

~ Comprehensive course manual. 

~ Yoga DVD series - Masterful practices with Mas Vidal.

~ Autobiography Of A Yogi.

~ Sacred Yogic prayer bead necklace.

~ Invocation candle

Each of the 12 course modules includes yoga practices, mantras and meditations, modern themes and metaphors, video lectures and Q & A discussions. Essentially our motto is… “if you are living it, you understand it.” These sciences as presented in this program consistently endorse the surest means of learning Yoga and Ayurveda as we guide you through into healing, practicing and eventually living a new lifestyle.


Share the wisdom of this program in so many ways:

~ With your family and friends.

~ Become a lifestyle specialist at a health resort, yoga center or spa.

~ Teach yoga at any yoga studio across the USA, fitness centers and health clubs, schools and universities.

Note: The 200 Hour YAS program is a pre-requisite and preparation to the Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda Teacher (YAT) Training Intensive (described below). The 50 Hour training is optional and only for those wanting more extensive training.

 The 200 Hour training provides the student with the discipline and lifestyle that support the Yoga and Ayurveda teachings. A healthy and balanced lifestyle must come first before becoming a yoga teacher.



For those that have already completed the (YAS) program can now learn the integral approach to becoming a “Teacher” of Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda in an even more direct and personal experience. In these 7-day intensive trainings Mas Vidal and the faculty will cover detailed alignment according to the energies of the doshas, teaching techniques and preparations of various class “sets” and teaching structures and many other sacred healing practices as part of being a Yoga and Ayurveda teacher.

~ This portion of the course includes live and personal interaction with Mas Vidal and the program faculty and will be offered yearly at both east and west coast locations. Contact us for specific information and also check our websites or for dates of up-incoming trainings. Only those students who have completed the level one program will be accepted into the level two training.

Note: The (YAT) “Teaching Intensive” is available only for those individuals seeking to become certified as a Hatha Yoga and Ayurveda teacher. Therefore a distinct certificate will be issued for completion of fifty hours noting the distinguished effort the student has made to attain the teachings in a personal live format as given in the 7-day intensive training.






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